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Fujian Molybdenum Mineral Processing Line

Materials: Molybdenum Ore

Concentrate Recovery Rate: 73.68 /%

Molybdenum Concentrate Grade: 45.23/%

Molybdenum Ore Introduction

Molybdenum is a metal element discovered late, which is refined from molybdenite by a Swedish chemist in 1792.Molybdenum metal has been widely used in industry because of its advantages of high-strength, high melting point, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, etc.

Cases Introduction

The main valuable mineral in customer location is molybdenite. It has a large amount of quartz content in non-metallic mine and gangue minerals are eroded seriously. The process of this plant is composed of a rough selection, two sweep selection and four fine selection. The original molybdenum ore grade is 0.38%. Recent years, ore properties changed due to mining depth increased. So flotation index is relatively poor, which results in more molybdenum metal loss. HXJQ experts found the reasons for existing problem and decide the final process through several experiments after on-site investigation and analysis. The process consists of first grinding of original ore, a rough selection, a rough-fine selection, second grinding of rough-fine ore, three sweep selection, third grinding of sweep selection ore, seven fine selection. Finally, customer can obtain molybdenum metal with better index.

Accessory Products

Jaw Crusher + Ball Mill + Flotation Machine + Classifier

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