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Using Living Example to Prove Our Raymond Mill’s Superior Quality

Jan 17, 2018

Raymond mill is a kind of stable grinding equipment in the market, which plays an important role in the grinding field, it is widely used in the grinding production of plaster, bentonite, feldspar, calcite, talc, barite, titanium pigment, etc.
In order to adapt to the market demand more, Hongxing Raymond mill has a clear breakthrough in terms of performance, purpose and price. We will always produce high quality, energy saving and environmental protection equipment, and regarding this as our own responsibility, and ensure the good quality of every industrial equipment providing for each user.

1.Superior quality

The grinding mill, grinding ring and other vulnerable parts of our Raymond mill are manufactured using Germany's new wear-resistant materials, whose service life can be extended for five to ten years.

2. Energy conservation

Because the Raymond mill belongs to large mining machinery equipment, inevitably there will be the problem of high energy consumption amount in the process of running. In order to solve this problem, our technical personnel upgrade the machine parts and electrical device, so the energy consumption of reformed Raymond mill reduces more than 30%, the energy conservation effect is more significant.

3. Environmental protection

In the production of Raymond mill, the low-carbon environmental protection concept is blended in, the configuration of the sealing device and dustproof quieter is very advanced, reducing dust emissions and noise exposure to the lower limit, so the Raymond mill becomes the first selection of mineral processing plant.

It is reported that the Hongxing Raymond mill has been sold to Brazil, Thailand, Myanmar, South Africa and other countries, and has been highly sought and trusted by consumers. The following is a typical example:
Brazilian talc processing plant

In 2014, in order to expand the scale of production, the talc processing factory in Brazil chose two Raymond mills at one time from Hongxing mining machinery company to the grinding and processing of talc. According to the factory principle said, they were suspicious of Hongxing machine at the beginning of processing, but after three-year practice, the two Raymond mill indeed brought considerable benefits for them and made them very happy.

As the public consciousness of environmental protection increasing, the green environmental voices continue to increase, we believes that in order to foothold in the market, we must respond to customer calls and manufacture the Raymond mill equipment with energy saving and environmental protection features. We have made a great breakthrough in this area, but in the future, Hongxing company will make more efforts to develop more perfect Raymond mill.

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