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Create an Energy-saving and Environment-friendly Mining Industry

Jan 17, 2018

With the rapid development of economy, the environment which we depend on is getting worse. These high frequency words( Smog, PM2.5, carbon emissions, etc.) repeatedly touch our sensitive nerves. Environmental problems have seriously affected the sustainable development of the country, and energy conservation and environmental protection are imminent. Henan hongxing machine, as the leader in the production of mining machinery equipment, fully implements the national environmental protection policies, which are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1.Using energy-saving and environment-friendly raw materials

Hongxing machine full practices the national energy conservation and environmental protection concept, the raw material required by equipment is mostly energy-saving and environmental protection material that the state advocates to use preferentially. Along with the energy-saving and environmental protection material gradually into, our professional technical team has constantly researched and optimized the equipment structure, to reduce the equipment production cost and users' investments, finally to achieve maximum economic benefits.

2. Using energy conservation and environmental protection technologies

1) For crushing technology, the crushing equipment is designed by combining our actual production experience with the advanced design concept, according to the device's own properties, we combine the reasonable crushing frequency and eccentricity perfectly, to reduce the energy consumption, improve product quality and increase user's benefit in the process of production.

2) For sand making technology, according to the famous stone hit stone crushing principle and technology, we develop the high-efficiency stone crusher with leading level---sand making machine, the 'stone hit stone' crushing cavity makes the crushing efficiency higher, the unit capacity is high, and the investment income is considerable.

3) For rotary kiln technology, rotary kiln equipment produced by Hongxing with advanced structure, the vertical preheater with stable performance can effectively improve the effect of preheating, improve the decomposition rate of material. Moreover, on both ends of the rotary kiln, there is combined flake seal design, which makes the small air leakage coefficient, less heat radiation loss, high waste heat utilization rate, and the energy consumption can be saved.

3. Our energy-saving and environmentally friendly equipment

The equipment of Henan Hongxing machine is produced strictly according to the national environmental standards. For example: Cone crusher has more than 20% energy saving than conventional cone crusher; The integrated operation cost of hammer crusher can be reduced by 40%; Jaw crusher is very popular with high yield and low cost; The ball mill has more than 45% energy saving than regular ball mill, avoiding the disadvantages of slow start and loud noise at the same time; The passing rate of grinding equipment is up to 99%, and the unique sealing device makes the dust not leak out during the production process, so as to ensure that the workshop is clean and tidy, and so on.

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